Do you require assistance?

If you require assistance, please get in touch Tel: 0844 800 73 79 or email

A dynamic help system will be coming soon.  In the meantime, please do contact customer services for advice if the basic tips below do not help with your enquiry:-

  • Where do I find the reference number ? To apply for an opportunity through People Direct you need to have the reference number contained in the externally advertised opportunity.  If you do not have the opportunity reference number our customer services department will be able to provide this for you.  Please contact us either by phone or email using the info in the left margin.
  • To present a candidate through Recruiter Present you must first register.  RecruitPeople is not restrictive and any recruiter who agrees to abide by the terms of this site and the recruiter terms of conduct is welcome to be a part of the recruitpeople network.
  • In the case of confidential opportunities where the name of the employer is not disclosed in the oportunity details, no candidate details will be presented to the employer until the candidate is aware of the name of the employer and they have given their permission for their details to be presented.
  • The surname and postcode details used for the 'Identi-check' system are completley confidential and not accessible by RecruitPeople operators or Licensees.