People Direct

recruit people™ provides employers with a facility to have their recruitment advertising response managed on their behalf by one of the recruit people™ licensed partners.


The aim of this service is to provide applicants with a better experience through personal service and one which provides impartial advice as to the suitability of a particular employer opportunity. 

The application process is very simple:-

1. You enter the opportunity reference number that was contained in the advertisement.

2. You register to create your own unique login console so that you can track the progress of your application whenever you wish.  The identi-check system will also protect you from your details being presented for an opportunity by recruiters without your permission.

3. You click to present your details to RecruitPeople.

4. We will contact you to discuss your application, so that you can can decide whether or not the role is right for you BEFORE your details are presented to the employer.

Our experienced hiring managers will keep you informed right the way through the hiring process and, ultimately, help you decide whether or not a particular opportunity is right for you.

For employers, it allows them to spend more time focussing on core business, because the only people that they interview are people who a).  have the right skills and experience for their needs b). fully understand the opportunity and are genuinely motivated by it.

In relation to people direct, RecruitPeople Licensees will:

  • To ensure all opportunities are genuine and guarantee they are direct from employers
  • Guarantee that your CV will not be retained on its database beyond the ‘life’ of the opportunity to which you have specifically applied AND that you will only be presented for an opportunity to which you have specifically applied
  • Forward your details when you know the identity of the employer, either by:
    Notification within the displayed opportunity;
    Discussion with the RecruitPeople licensee managing the opportunity on behalf of the employer