Recruiters Present

recruit people™ provides recruitment agencies and consultants with access to confidential candidate placement opportunities with no cost of sales.

This service allows recruiters to maximise their returns from their existing candidate database, with no cost of sales, and with absolute guarantees regarding the confidentiality of introductions.

The licensed partners work to strict 'best practice' guidelines and will provide all of the information a recruiter needs to identify whether or not they already know an appropriate candidate? If they do, then for the time it takes to gain that candidate’s permission to present their details, the recruiter will be paid an introductory fee for that candidate, with the licensed partners managing the entire process through to completion.

Fees paid to recruiters will vary from assignment to assignment but will either be a flat fee, a two-stage retainer, or a contingent percentage based on the starting salary. This is communicated at the start of each assignment.

To provide an indication, on average the fee is the equivalent of 15-17.5% of the candidate’s starting salary. The average time investment for a recruiter placing via recruit people™ is one hour.

In relation to recruiters, RecruitPeople Licensees will:

  • Endeavour to ensure that all candidate details are presented in the strictest of confidence
  • Guarantee that candidates you present will only be matched against the specific opportunity you presented them for
  • Guarantee that details of the candidates you present will not be added to a database of any description, beyond that relating to the specific opportunity you have presented them for and the archieve records that protect your confidential introductions
  • Guarantee that the candidates you present will not be pro-actively encouraged or in any way directly enticed into applying for any other opportunities or registering their details with other recruiters
  • Endeavour to ensure that the candidates you present will be handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism and kept informed at all times
  • Endeavour to ensure that you will be informed of all developments and at all stages of the placement process
  • Guarantee that in the event of successful presentations, you will be paid the placement fee in accordance with the agreed terms of business

Administrators of RecruitPeople will:

  • In the unlikely event of any 'found fee' scenarios, guarantee to investigate the matter on your behalf and seek to recover any introductory fees due to you
  • Guarantee to keep an archived record of all candidate introductions for a period of 12 months after a specific opportunity is deemed closed, for your reference should it be required
  • Arbitrate in the event of a dispute between a RecruitPeople Licensee and a recruiter.